How to restore your lost WordPress post or page content

Oh!No! You accidentally deleted or over wrote your WordPress page or blog post and lost all your content and now you are panicking wondering how to get it back.

Don’t fret! There is a super easy way to recover your WordPress page content or blog post to an earlier version of the page.   While in the edit page or post screen, scroll down and you will see a page revisions section.


Select a revision date (by clicking on it) prior to when you lost your content or made your unwanted changes.

This will take you to a page that shows the last version of the page in HTML. Just ignore that HTML gobbly-gook and scroll further down.  You should see a whole bunch of restore dates.


Select the date that you want to restore and then click the restore link and say the magic words, “Alla-Peanut-Butter Sandwiches!”.  And Presto! Your content is back, baby!

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  1. bby says

    I was trying to restore my database for 1 week, because suddenly all my posts were deleted. I didn’t know that function until now. Whoever wrote that post- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU !!!
    Huge thanks, wish you all the best and hope that the kindness of writing that simple, but very important(for some of us) post will return back to you!

  2. OldManRiver says


    Forgot to mention that I did not have the “Revisions” plugin installed on new roll-out at:

    and keep alternate/backup version on:

    Since the later is a free site I also suggest this so you have online backup as well.



  3. OldManRiver says

    The Revisions option is a plugin, that must be installed. If you are on that is not an option, so the posting here is bogus for you. There is no versioning at all on, so you better write your code into a .html file, with filename like:


    then copy this over with new datetime value, when you edit file. Use Cut-N-Paste to drop into the “Edit” page of WP for posts or pages and “Publish” or “Update” to post latest verbiage.

    Thank goodness I already do that or would have lost a large page as page naming in WP is less than good, so overwrote the wrong file, but found my old backup and restored.



  4. says

    Thank you so much! You helped me out a lot!! :)
    I was looking forever to solve this problem, and I didn’t realize that I had basically somehow overwritten it or something? I still don’t understand what I did, but you’ve given me a solution and I am so grateful.

  5. Hilary Cook says

    ‘Revisions’ are not available as an option for me! :-(
    Please help – they are not even there for me to enable them.

  6. says

    This is helpful stuff.
    I’m wondering if you have ANY IDEA about recovering drafts from a WordPress App on my android.
    I’ve typed a few drafts on my tablet while I’m out and about and now they are mysteriously gone. Not online, not on the app. There is no choice for “drafts” on the app.
    I started writing the posts and then saved them. But, alas. MIA.

    Help if you can,
    Nonnahs Driskill

  7. says

    I am late to the party here, but just wanted to say thanks for this:

    “When editing the page, go to the screen options in the upper right. Make sure revisions is checked. Once it is you should see the revisions box in the page below. ~Tanya”

    That saved my life. I have been using WordPress for YEARS and had no idea that menu was at the top.

    Thanks again, Ryabn

  8. Musa Sambo says

    I edited my web, i can no longer go to the posts page,
    I can see the post picture and summary of the post,but when i click to see more details i get blank blue screen.

  9. says

    Thank you so very much for posting this very helpful information! I inadvertently lost the entire list of books are group is reading this year — along with the links to our catalog and the authors’ websites. You saved me *alot* of re-work.

  10. says

    Ok I am a newbie to word press and I was adding pages to my blog yesterday. I loaded the contact page and then was trying to load an about me page when I either missed a step or went to another page before loading that page. Now I am getting this error when I try to go to my page or log in 404 (page not found) error. Please tell me that I can recover this and not have to start from scratch to re-create! Thanks for any and all help.

  11. Mats Sjödin says

    It doesn’t seem as if the revisions part of the edit page is visible anymore. Does anyone know how to have it show up?

    • admin says

      You should be able to toggle the revisions panel on and off by going to ‘screen options’ at the top right of the page. Just make sure that ‘revisions’ is checked to have it show.

  12. Sharon says

    Thanks so much for this info. It worked perfectly and really saved me. I would have had to totally re-write one of my blog posts in TURKISH (again) if not for your great advice.

  13. says

    I am a media consultant that blogs for this site albeit still a confessed novice at this. Today, while working on multiple blog sites, I go back to this screen and ALL, literally YEARS, of my blogs and previous bloggers for this site are GONE? Nothing. No opp to check autosave or revisions. It is completely blank. Having a heart attack as I write this. :) Any insight or advice? LOVE your site by the way so will be a regular. Thank you SO MUCH!

    • admin says

      Hi Sandy,
      I checked out your blog and it looks ok, so I am hoping you got it resolved. My guess would be that the there was something wrong with the database and you may need to rebuild the tables. Usually your host can do this for you. I always recommend doing regular backups of your database – that way as a worse case scenario you can restore your back up. Hope everything works out for you! ~Tanya

  14. says

    Does anyone know if there is a way to restore an entire WordPress site using Wayback Machine? Godaddy deleted my server because they said I violated TOS and also deleted my backup that I use through their service.

  15. says

    Help. My blog on WordPress was wiped out. We restored it to a previous version with one post missing.

    Now, I have one backup locally. Can I “find” the post and just extract it in whichever format is possible?


    • admin says

      Is your wordpress a self-hosted blog from WordPress.ORG or are you using WordPress.COM? These instructions are only for self-hosted blogs. I am not sure if the instructions hold true on

  16. Andrew says

    I need to restore a “page” that didn’t have revisions turned on. I have a back but it’s a single file with .sql extension. Can you help?

    • admin says

      The back up is your whole database – so any changes you made anywhere on the site since the backup would be lost. You can restore the back up in phpMyAdmin (providing your host has that). If it were me, I would try restoring the back up to a test database first to be sure that the back-up is good.

  17. says


    I was editing a Page and screwed it up really well! LOL

    Did not know how to turn revisions on for a Page and thought I’d lost the work forever. Cheers to you and the Rachel for asking that question.

    It was a Google search for “earlier version of wordpress page” that led me to you.

    Feeling blessed you got me out of a mess.


  18. says

    Hi I accidentally made some changes to my blog’s menu’s and the contents under my menus- is there a way for me to restore my lost menus and their contents from a previous date? I inadvertently saved the wrong version of my blog’s structural menu’s and now they are gone. Please help!!!

  19. says

    Hi There, I was out of the country and in the meantime my domain expired, I used wordpress to put up all my content and I dont have an offline copy of it. I now renewed the domain but I dont have my old contents, Is there anyway to recover them?? Is gng to my host the only way forward?? pls help. thanks

  20. says

    Hey I got it.. I installed a plugin. But hadn’t tried an option that of Clicking the View AutoSave on clicking it i got the page revision. The only thing i am not sure is was it because of the plug in or inbuilt.

    Thanks a lot anway! 😀

  21. says

    Hey.. I accidently deleted some part of my post and this post looked as if it’ll rescue me. But i cudnt find the Page revision thing. i use self hosted site

  22. Gabriel says

    I just was just deleting a user from my site and didn’t realize (clicked too quickly) that it would remove ALL the content/etc… that user created… Unfortunately, almost the entire site was put together by that user, and I’ve recovered the pages and posts from the trash, but the images have disapeared. Is there any way to recover those?

  23. ATQ says

    hey there, I actually deleted my WordPress permanently, but now I thought of retrieving it back. Any ways that I can try?

  24. Kirsten says

    This won’t help me as I accidentally hit the empty trash button but I got a good laugh out of the “Alla-Peanut-Butter Sandwiches!”. LOL! I haven’t heard that in ages. Thanks for the smile.

  25. Liz says

    I downloaded all my WordPress files with Dreamhost so I could edit the child theme and save the originals. Then on my MYSQL database, deleted a database with the name of an old business site I had, since I wanted to delete the hosting on that account and the domain name had expired. Little did I realize was that my WordPress site was in the wrong database and I lost it all. To make a long story short, even restoring the database did not replace my WordPress files becuase of the expired domain name. All I am left with are the wp-content, admin, etc files that I downloaded.

    is any of this restorable/uploadable to recreate the pages I had before?

    • admin says

      Do you have a backup of the database? You can check with the host they may be able to restore it from a backup. Once you have the site all set up again, make sure that you install a database back up plugin so that your database gets backed up regularly.

  26. Pat says

    amazing. My wordpress site just reverted to an older version of the contents. Meaning that I’ve lost pages and previously removed images suddenly appear on pages and deleted contents have resurfaced, replacing newer contents. i spent the whole day today adding new pages and editing content and for this to just happen, without a warning! At the end of the day’s work – and just after activating google adword. I’m upset – to put it mildly and really disappointed that wordpress has this failing. I don’t even know how to proceed. And more importantly, how to prevent reoccurrence.

  27. says

    Thanks, Tanya.
    I found your little post on Google just now, and you just saved me a few hours recovering from a mistake on my main page. I’ll browse through your blog, and I expect to find more gems. Thanks again.

  28. admin says

    Hi Rachel – When editing the page, go to the screen options in the upper right. Make sure revisions is checked. Once it is you should see the revisions box in the page below. ~Tanya

    • Steve says

      Thank you soooo much. You see I deleted all the contents of my Home page also. I started to panic after reading so many other help sites. But your first answer to check the revisions was a start, but I did not have that option showing. Then your help to go to Screen Options made all the difference. Thanks so much. Sending good wishes and good karma your way! :)

    • says

      The page I lost is still there but it isn’t visible to the visitors visiting my site. Also, you skipped a step; tell me how to get to the editor page you started with? I went to pages and to posts and couldn’t find it.

  29. Marc Shaw says

    Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! :)

    – Marc Shaw

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